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Jon Shanter

“Regulatory opinions for mRNA will take time to stabilize but I’d expect the scope of this network to play an important role in accelerating that, which will mean getting better drugs to patients faster”

Jon Shanter, Director, Vaccine Process Development, Merck

“This network offers us the valuable chance to discuss the things that don't appear in scientific publications as well as the chance to regularly engage with a trusted group of peers and see how the areas you’re interested in are evolving and advancing outside your company”

Theresa Goletz, Global Head Of Analytical Immunology & Cellular Platform, GSK

Terry Goletz
Ryan shaler

"It is so useful to have a sounding board of people doing the same work and facing the same challenges as us. Having a network like this will allow us to get answers faster than trying to muddle our way through it ourselves."

Ryan Shaler, Associate Director, Immunology & mRNA Discovery, Sonata Therapeutics 

“Industry consortiums generally play a useful role in advancing therapeutic modalities, but one specifically focused on mRNA allowing the open exchange of experience should help us all move forward faster"

Robyn Beckwith, Senior Director, Quality, Nutcracker Therapeutics 

robyn b
rachel groppo

"The unique advantage that a network like this offers is it gives me a chance to complement my own biased opinion, with an unbiased summary of what the industry thinks which helps us ensure we’re thinking holistaically about how we move forward in the most effective way."

Rachel Groppo, Director, Replicon Team Leader, Janssen 

"I rely on a lot of the same things as my competitors to succeed, for example; CDMO facilities to produce and formulate RNA, approach into regulatory interactions and assays that regulators will expect. This network offers an opportunity for us to work together on these new and innovative challenges."

Andy Geall, Co-founder and Chief Development Officer, Replicate Bioscience

Andy Geall
Arunan Kaliyaperumal

"The collective brain power in the scientific community is much better than the individual and while each company has their own way of thinking, a network that shares knowledge can help find out-of-the-box solutions to the key bottlenecks we are all facing"

Arunan Kaliyaperumal, VP, Preclinical Biology, ReCode Therapeutics 

"Pharma in the US, has done a great job of educating regulators and the cross functional issues that have already been determined in this network are ones that anyone developing in the field should want to discuss”

Patrick Finn, Executive Director, Rare Disease, Moderna

"Everyone is working in isolation so, exchanges in this network are a great starting point contribute as well as learn about different processes everyone is using across the field, so that we can accelerate the development of new mRNA therapeutics and vaccines"

Andreas Kuhn, SVP RNA Biochemistry & Manufacturing, BioNTech

“Even though the field is so competitive, we have to try and influence regulatory authorities and be referential for the mRNA vaccine and drugs of the future. The sum of tacit knowledge in the network can allows the community to progress faster and avoid the same mistakes”

Regus Gervier, Global Head, mRNA Center of Excellence, Sanofi

regis gervier

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