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Closing notice: mRNA-Based Therapeutics Searchlight network

A chapter concludes in the journey of collaborative excellence

We're in the process of making some significant changes at Hanson Wade. As part of these changes, our mRNA -Based Therapeutics Searchlight network will be closing down.  

However, this isn't the end of the road! We are excited to direct you towards other valuable opportunities and resources that Hanson Wade offers. Our commitment to providing industry-leading conferences, data and information products continues, and we believe these will be of great interest and value to you. 

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Beacon RNA covers all disease indications and many modalities to provide a detailed landscape of the RNA space including oligonucleotide-based therapies, mRNA-based therapies, ribozyme therapies, gRNA-mediated gene editing therapies and RNA-targeted small molecules.

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A trusted provider of market intelligence for anyone looking to understand the complexities of RNA therapy research and development.