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Which animal model elicits the most transferrable response to humans for mRNA-based therapeutics and vaccines?

What: A virtual workshop, a senior level only. No fee to register your interest and attend the meeting. Please be aware this is part of a subscription solution.

When & where: May 18, 2023 | 16:00-17:00 GMT | DIGITAL



Why: The event is driven by the interaction between participants and promotes the candid exchange of information between companies. Only senior-level execs are invited. You will make high-quality new connections and learn from peers about best practices.

Audience: Senior mRNA therapy leaders from across the life sciences industry

Format: TBC

Meeting contributors:

  • Replicate Bioscience, MSD, Sonata Therapeutics, Janssen, ReCode, GSK, Biological E., Ziphius, Nutcracker Therapeutics, Kings College London, University of Sheffield, University of Toronto

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An Opportunity to Engage with mRNA Leaders from the likes of: