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Members get the change to define and prioritize the most pressing challenges we want to tackle, as well as influence how we tackle them. Among the critical challenges your peers want to address include:


Establishing the acceptable levels of contaminants such as the double stranded RNA (dsRNA) within mRNA drug products

mrna (2)

Discovering how to align global regulatory and safety experience in mRNA as a platform technology

mrna (3)

Understanding which animal model elicit the most transferrable response to humans

mrna (4)

Currently available options to increase levels of mRNA outside the liver whilst managing LNP toxicity

mrna (5)

How do we define the platform and what allowances can be made? 

mrna (6)

Where can we leverage validation across the platform for use across other product?

mrna (1)

What is our understanding of the control of cell banks and how are we treating plasmids as a raw material? What allowances can be made?

The feedback from members speaks for itself…

Jon Shanter, Director, Vaccine Process Development, Merck

“Regulatory opinions for mRNA will take time to stabilize but I’d expect the scope of this network to play an important role in accelerating that, which will mean getting better drugs to patients faster”

Theresa Goletz, Global Head Of Analytical Immunology & Cellular Platform, GSK

“This network offers us the valuable chance to discuss the things that don't appear in scientific publications as well as the chance to regularly engage with a trusted group of peers and see how the areas you’re interested in are evolving and advancing outside your company”

Ryan Shaler, Associate Director, Immunology & mRNA Discovery, Sonata Therapeutics

"It is so useful to have a sounding board of people doing the same work and facing the same challenges as us. Having a network like this will allow us to get answers faster than trying to muddle our way through it ourselves."

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